Services of maintenance and managment business and residental facilities

Hygiene maintenance

Sion Gard DOO is a company which can provide hygiene maintenance services in business facilities (offices, sports, health and trade facilities, hotels, restaurants and cafes), as well as industrial halls. We are a specialized company, equipped for providing high quality services with unique system of hygiene maintenance of business space.

We are able to offer a world standard achievement and maintenance of cleanliness in your business space. In other words, we establish a hygiene system that provides required services, which makes you free of any engagement and care related activity of maintaining cleanliness in the facility. By doing regular check ups, we establish a constant and uniform level of cleanliness without any oscillations in the quality od services.

SION GARD offers a complete hygiene maintenance program from daily, weekly and monthly cleaning to floor cleaning.


Technical maintenance of equipment and installations

Under the technical maintenance contract for residential buildings, Sion Gard performs small works like repairing common parts of buildings, installations and appliances. Works of this volume are treated as high intervention, they are executed according to the work order, upon the registration of the president of the Assembly of the building or the tenants. The services we provide under this agreement are:

  • Servicing PP apliances
  • Servicing stable fire extinguishers
  • Fire detection and alarm system
  • Hydrant installation service
  • Servicing elevators once a month with the associated material according to the Rules on Elevator Safety (Sl. Glasnik RS br. 101/10, active since 06/01/2011)
  • Elevator reparing to the amount of work order
  • Ejecting water from basements and other rooms
  • Uncloging common sewage installations in buildings
  • Repairing and partial replacement of common water supply and sewer pipes, which belong to the building, when splashing occurs
  • Repairing and replacement the glass above the stairwell
  • Minor façade repairs
  • Broken glass replacement of the entrance door in the building
  • Repair and replacement of electrical installations


Janitor services

By the contract on the janitor services, Sion Gard performs minor works of repairing common parts of buildings, installations and devices. Janitor service is intended for tenants who want their building to be safe, functional and beautiful. These services are executed according to the work order, upon the registration of the president of the Assembly of the building or the tenants. There is a broad spectrum of janitor services we provide under this agreement:

  • Maintenance of boiler temperature (for buildings that have their own heating)
  • Maintaining the order and cleanliness of basements
  • Bulb replacement in the common parts of the building and in the garage
  • Replacing faulty switches
  • Checking the function and repairing the mailboxes
  • Checking the function and repairing the mechanism of the front door, lock, padlock
  • Painting the gelenders, outer tubes
  • Minor painter jobs and repairs
  • Cleaning the gutter and the gutter tubes of the building
  • Cleaning the narrow area around the building from snow and ice


Housekeeping services

Housekeeper is someone who performs duties in accordance with the needs and demands of the users of the service, reacts professionally and responsibly to the detection of any problems and communicates with all technical services in order to eliminate them. A reliable and obliging housekeeper guarantees user integrity. A housekeeper is important in every aspect of security.
The housekeeper of a building also has a role of a janitor and can inspect video surveillance if it exists in the building.
The housekeeper of a business building communicates with the visitors of the building, if it is requested by the users, sends them to the "right place", helps them in doing things (ordering taxi vehicles for foreigners, organizing transportation to the airport etc.).


Maintenance of green surface

SION GARD will provide you with a maintenance service for green areas with a team of experienced gardeners.
The maintenance service of green areas includes:

  • decorating the yard which is a demanding and creative task of designing a garden plan, organizing various elements (paths, terrace, swimming pool or fountain, seating elements, children's play elements) and greening
  • regularly mowing the lawn
  • weeding weeds in the lawn
  • cropping plants
  • lawn and both seasonal and perennial plant protection
  • leaf collecting
  • maintenance of the watering system - adjusting the sprinklers and regular control of the system with water flow adjustment as well as spraying

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