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Physical security and fire protection

SION GARD is a company whose operation is based on respect for the principles of modern business, the application of

Technical protection

SION GARD offers complete protection of your facility, it is up to you to choose which technical protection system you

Corporate security

Establishing a corporate security system in modern business is a necessary step towards stable and successful business. In addition to

Management and maintenance services of business and residential buildings

About maintaining hygiene SION GARD DOO is a company that provides services in the field of maintaining the hygiene of

Risk assessment in the protection of persons, property and business

To complement our core business, security service and customer protection, we have expanded our staffing resources with licensed security managers

Disaster Risk Assessment and Protection and Rescue Plan

The disaster risk assessment is the most important strategic document in the field of disaster risk reduction and is of

Transport of money and valuables

We pay special attention to the transport of money and valuables. The basis of the transport of money and value

Video alarm and monitoring

ALARM MONITORING (remote monitoring) is a type of security that works by connecting the built-in alarm systems at the user’s

Patrol Service

Each patrol team consists of 2 (two) armed security officers, equipped with an adequate number of means of communication, available


According to data from the recently adopted National Program for the Prevention of Harmful Use of Alcohol and Alcohol-Caused Disorders

Development of a security plan

The security plan is a document with planned security services that are foreseen in the risk assessment or are required

Professional training for physical and technical protection and security services

Professional training is carried out according to the training program of physical and technical protection and security services in Belgrade.