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Physical security and fire protection

Sion Guard provides a top service in the field of physical security, protection of persons and objects, industrial plants, construction sites, office buildings, public gatherings and manifestations, protection of persons in place and in motion. We also provide protection against break-ins, robberies, physical attacks on the building, as well as fire protection.

Technical protection

SION GARD offers complete protection of your facility, it is up to you to choose which technical protection system you want, and we will do everything else. Our experienced operators use state-of-the-art software to monitor the operation of connected alarm systems. In this way, the facility is under the watchful eye of our operators 24 hours a day.

Corporate security

Establishing a corporate security system in modern business is a necessary step towards stable and successful business. In addition to being one of the responsibilities of management, corporate security is synonymous with reliability, integrity, trust and competitive business.


SION GUARD d.o.o. is a company based in Belgrade, founded in 2007. Our business is based on respecting the principles of modern business, applying the most modern methods, techniques and procedures in work.

Driven by the vision of the world as a better and safer place to live, every day we recognize new and better ways to preserve your private and business security, save your time and money and allow you additional time for work and enjoyment.

Also, we were among the first in our industry to fulfill all the requirements for obtaining the necessary licenses for providing private security services, all in accordance with the Law on Private Security.

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    SION Gard

    Physical and technical security

    SION GARD's business is driven by the ambition to take a leading position in Serbia, and even beyond, in the field of physical and technical security and fire protection in the coming period. We want to provide you with a package of services that will make your everyday life easier, we will save you effort and money, we will provide you and your property, organize your space, store your goods.
    • License for physical and technical protection of persons and property and maintenance of order at sports events, public gatherings and other places where citizens gather; License number: 217
    • License for providing transportation and transfer of money and valuable shipments; License number: 249
      License for carrying out technical protection system planning tasks; License No. 28445
    • License for installation, commissioning and maintenance of the System of technical protection and user training; License No. 28446
    • License for risk assessment in the protection of persons, property and business; License No. 34632
    • License for designing and supervising the implementation of the technical protection system License No. 37199
    • Decision on creating a disaster risk assessment and protection and rescue plan number 217-1398/20